Men’s Rae Is a Major Factor in Pretrial


As soon as I was released from jail and trying to catch up on my business with beyond salvation and I started reading about different laws that pertained to my case and found men’s Rae. At that time, it gave me the impression that if you are innocent, this law was the salvation, but instead it was one of the laws that caused there to be a great deal of prison time. While in jail, as they said I was suicidal without verification, I was told by the judge that they did not have enough evidence against me and that they would lose the trial and therefore ordered me to be guilty and take a plea. That’s right, he changed my plea from innocent to guilty without my consent and there was nothing I could do about it, and my attorney told me that he can do what he desires, and now I am guilty. Later while still in jail, I was visited by the prosecutor who told me that I was going to stay in jail until after the grand jury had spoken. He did this on purpose, as I had the right to speak in my own defense, but I was locked up in jail and not told of my right to speak. I am to be told of my right to speak, but was denied. If I were to speak at the grand jury, I would’ve been released, because the replicated charges were so far out of my realm and the FBI was constantly watching me. Another fact that most attorneys are not allowed to be present in the grand jury.

After I was released, I was not allowed into any meetings that pertained to my case. It was to be handled by my attorney, all three of whom were incompetent, even though I had a right to be present. My point to you is that you need an honest defense attorney and I feel a good source of information regarding a defense attorney is the NACDL, or National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, as there are over 70,000 members throughout the country, and they are fighting for reform. There also other brief organizations, and also be sure to make sure that you are well represented. It is well worth the money, so that you do not have to spend four years in prison, a lifetime of supervised parole and very incompetent medical, as a result I am handicapped today.

Men’s rea and actus rea are two important terms in criminal law in the western world. The terms are taken from the Latin sentence ‘Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea’ (an act does not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty). This is known as “guilty mind.” Without intent, the deed does not make a person guilty.

Thus, men’s rea refers to intent, while the actus rea refers to an action.

Men’s Rea means criminal intent. it is one of the important elements of crime. it calls for an act of a crime; for example: a person A throws a stone at a tree to collect a fruit, but he doesn’t know that B is sitting on the tree, and the stone thrown hits B’s head and wounds him. so, it is considered as A didn’t voluntarily hit B to cause any harm. There was no criminal intent of A. It means the absence of men’s rea does not make a work or act a crime.

In any criminal case, the action, as well as the intent, must be established for a person to be charged with a crime. The degree and the kind of causation must also be considered. Also, all legitimate defenses, mitigating factors, and extenuating circumstances must be taken into account for a criminal charge to be determined.

Another says: men’s Rea is simply a guilty intent. Did the person have the required intent, knowledge that he/she was doing wrong, to commit a crime.

Most crimes require what attorneys refer to as “men’s Rea,” which is Latin for a “guilty mind.” In other words, what was the defendant’s mental state and what did the defendant intend when the crime was committed. Men’s Rea allows the criminal justice system to differentiate between someone who did not mean to commit a crime and someone who intentionally set out to commit a crime. This is what the law states, but in actuality you are guilty.

These states of mind are, in descending order of magnitude: “intent” or “purpose,”

• “knowledge,”

• “recklessness” (often called “willful blindness” in the United States), and

• “gross (or criminal) negligence.”

Men’s Rae was created from another law which was the “Cattle-trespass Act, 1871( 1 of 1871)”. This was a law was created in India for cattle, not people. How absurd. And yes, I do have a copy of the law, and I read most of this confusing law. And we use this law to convert the innocent into guilty, and to extend sentences of the guilty. This law plus another is one of the major factors of our overpopulation within the prisons, with the taxpayer picking up the bills. After finding these facts, I did not feel like dancing, but rather just standing there going MOO.

The defendant is to know of this law and its findings, however somehow it just slips off the calendar. This law was also created for the violent offenders and those that are dangerous to society. This law needs complete reform, immediately, but the best method of reform would be to bury it deep under 400 tons of concrete with maximum amounts of rebar, or to sink it to the deepest depths of the ocean.

The law can be rebuilt in human fashion. It talks about a guilty mind. Show me a person who has never at any time had a guilty mind and I will call him a liar. Tell me the person who did not intend to do something and who never completed the act, and I will call him a liar. That can be you, your neighbor, your spouse even the prosecutor and the judge as we are all human and only God has no guilt. What do you think confessions are for?

I digress…

Mens rea (/ˈmÉ›nz ˈriËÂÉ™/; Law Latin for “guilty mind”) is the mental element of a person’s intent to commit a crime or knowledge that one’s action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed. It is a necessary element of many crimes.

The important discussion point of the above is that it is the basis for the addition and strong relationships to other laws that are directly responsible for the overcrowding of our prisons today. It opens the opportunity to the innocent being made guilty therefore increasing the prison population and also extending the normal sentence of the guilty individual far beyond its original intent, again overpopulating the prison system.

The innocent who serve time have potentially lost their family, friends, jobs and are looked upon by society with scorn. For the incarcerated, their friends as a rule run away from them. Often, the only people who continue to stay close to them will have served time with them, and if they are caught communicating, especially during the probation period, back to prison they go, keeping the prison population rates high and “society safe”. So what is the thing about rehabilitation, it seems to be quite lacking or nonexistent.


There are about 20,000 laws just governing the use and ownership of guns. New laws mean new crimes. From the start of 2000 through 2007, Congress had created at least 452 new crimes, so that at that time the total number of Federal crimes exceeded 4,450. Of course, times change and laws need to be updated. As the sentencing rate increases, more tax money is required to maintain the prisons. Prisoners must be fed and clothed which requires your tax dollars. But what you don’t know, and I do know and I am going to share with you concerns the food given to prisoners. In many cases frozen boxes of food are delivered to the dining hall clearly marked “not fit for human consumption” and this is what I had to eat. Join me for dinner? I will let you have the first bite.

Regarding the number of laws in existence today, where are they recorded? I did find out that many of these laws are held in secrecy by the Department of Justice. This is against the Constitution as we have a right to know ALL of the laws and have access to them, since we are held responsible. I did find a website which supposedly contains a multitude of laws. This website is: I did find one very critical law and its title is: “Speed Limits | City of Mesa “, and this can send you to federal prison and if you’re guilty or not guilty as you will go to prison because of men’s Rae.

Men’s rea is also one of the premier laws for converting an innocent defendant into a guilty person and also the actual guilty person can receive an extended sentence with this law, which leads us to the overpopulation of our present system and other factors that require large institutions built to specific specifications so that the person held inside is not, while incarcerated, a danger to society.

Men’s Rae has everything to do with the guilty mind. I try to understand how a judge can label the defendant and look into a person’s mind and determine if he is guilty and guilty with intent in contemplating his criminal act. The little I know about psychology is that it is difficult to determine what another person thinks, and to say that they have a guilty mind makes me wonder. How does one know what this person was thinking and with full intent to actually commit the act. And yet, this law is one of the greatest contributors to our current overpopulation problem, because they could take an innocent man and through their interpretation of the guilty mind and intent and finally the crime, determine that man is guilty of a crime he may not have committed, but yet the court decides the fate and the ruin of this individual. They have no idea the aftermath of being in prison. I lost almost all my friends, I lost a brother, lost business associates, I lost the love and respect of my family, and as I walked around in a crowd of people who gravitated away from me and I am wearing the scarlet letter Getting a job is a joke. Society has abandoned me, but did the court care that they have condemned an innocent man? NO. They just filled another empty bed within the Bureau of prisons for more money.

To me, I find that this is one of the worst laws in our country. But, as previously noted, we adapted this law from another country, India, and the law deals with cattle in their country. There is another law recently reading about that is even worse than men’s Rae, and I shall write about this law.

Since the publisher does not accept the five core apps that I was intending to send, gives a visual presentation of just a few problems that have been identified within the Department of Justice, but now I am thinking with this new project that I am currently working on will become a book and a lot of graphs for visual presentation will be included there. The story they tell is very poignant and to the point of the areas in dire need of reform